Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tempe Beach Park

Some fun pictures!

Braily and her friend from next door. They are really becoming good friends and now she is moving in 3 weeks. We came home last night and their cars were gone. Braily said," Oh no!! Mommy, Carly moved already!!"

I walked into this the other day. I was pretty impressed that she got them on by herself. She was in her boat ready for a ride.

Little Emma trying to feed Kash. It didnt really work to well.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Sad Reality!!

So I picked Braily up from her class on Sunday and she had this mothers day card for me. Of coarse she cant write so it was colored all over. There was a bunch of questions on it about moms so i decided to ask her the questions and see what her answers were about me. This is what she said :(

My mom is best at WORK!!

My mom is so smart. She knows about GOING TO WORK!!

My mom is pretty. She looks like a MOM!!

I like it when my mom GOES TO WORK!!

It makes me laugh when my mom DOES HAIR!!

My favorite food that mom makes is CEREAL!!!

For fun my mom likes to GO TO WORK!!!

Ya that is pretty sad. I even asked her the questions again in hopes that they would change!! Nope still the same! Hopefully one day that wont be the reality!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Brailys funny comments

Have your kids ever told you something that just completely broke your heart? Well i couldn't decide to cry or die laughing. I asked Braily to come inside from playing with the neighbor kids for dinner. She got so mad at me and started crying hysterically and said to me, " I'm so sad mommy. You made my heart die!" She is the biggest drama queen. Everything is over the top.

Braily also thinks she is a princess. On Sunday we walked into church and the ladies on the back row always tell her how cute she is. She turned to me and said, " Mommy those grandmas think I'm beautiful." Then halfway through church she needed to go to the bathroom. We walked past the ladies again. I could not believe it when she turned her head batted her eyes and said "Hello Ladies". She is full of herself lately.