Sunday, June 14, 2009

more of the lake

Shane and Braily swimming

Shanes mom and nieces making braclets with braily

The house boat with Shanes family

Me and the kids went to the lake with Shane and his family this weekend. Braily had a blast. She has been taking swimming lessens and i finally got to see what a big help they have been. She was swimming in the dark and would not get out. She loved it. Thats all she wanted to do all weekend.

Shane, Jenny and his nieces

More of all the kids.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

More Pictures!!

Braily got into my jewelry and put on everything she could get her hands on!

If i had to keep one picture of Kash for the rest of my life i would keep this one. He cracks me up in this picture i cant stop laughing when i see it! He is getting to be so much fun.

AND..... He hold his bottle by himself now!! I love it!

Braily at the park swinging. She doesnt quite get pumping herself. She just laughs and then makes me push her.

Braily loves her brother so much. She cant stand to hear him cry or get hurt. She gets mad at me if i let him cry for long at all. She is such a big help with him.