Friday, June 27, 2014

Lake Powell

       We decided to start a new tradition this year and a few of us on the Trader side decided to go in on a house boat rental for the summer. Best decision we have made in a while! It was a blast! The kids had so much fun. Captain Shane got to maneuver a house boat for the first time in his life. That was a little nerve racking for him but he did great! The water was a little high so it was hard to find a really good beach for little kids to play on without a lot of stickers. We stayed one night in a spot and decided it had WAY to many stickers so Max, Shane, Braily, Kash and I went out in search of a new beach the next morning. We found one from far away that looked good and flat so we decided to check it out. As we pulled up we saw something floating in the water and realized it was a foam pirate sword! Kash was set on that place as soon as he saw it! We moved the house boat and had a blast in that spot. It even had a decent place for the slip n slide.
      The first day we were there all the kids swam over to go cliff jumping. Kash being the youngest one had me a little nervous but I let him go knowing he would be to scared to jump to high and he had his life jacket on. Well, I was wrong! As the kids gradually got braver and braver they moved up the cliff. Kash saw the older kids staring over the side looking nervous. I watch him walk to the top where they were and without hesitation jump off! I could have died! Scared the living day lights out of me!
       Braily tried wake boarding for the first time. She got up on her second or third try but fell pretty quick and didn't try again. I found out she was a little bit afraid of the water and fish touching her. She will do great next year when she is a bit older.
       The kids tubed a lot and loved that. Shane took the older kids one time and they would not go with him again! The girls were so scared after that. We also did an adult ride where we had to jump from tube to tube and then eliminate one at a time. That got brutal as well. The boys ended up doing an all boys ride and that almost ended in death. Shane swears he is the tubing master though!
       We got Grandma Trader on the tube with all the little kids. She was really nervous at first but ended up loving it!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Phone Surprises

Checked my pictures today and found these gems! These are just a small portion of them…..