Monday, September 19, 2016


Rowdy has come to love the song,"I love to see the temple." We decided to take him for FHE tonight and I wish I could have taken a picture of his eyes when he saw the Christus. He also loved the "swimming pools" and fountains everywhere!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

9/11 Memorial

We took the kids to see the Tempe Town Lake memorial. They each found a flag to put their flag by. 

Girls night

We had such a fun night making signs for Tiffany's birthday. Braily was the only lucky daughter to come along for the ride! I love nights like this because I get that alone time with one kid. It's fun watching Braily grow. Making her sign showed a lot of her personality. She knows what she wants and you can rarely sway her! Loved how it turned out!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Tad Big

Rowdy is obsessed with Braily's skates. He is always pushing them around and wanting them on. 

Arizona Tales!

Braily had her 4th grade performance tonight and had a speaking part. She chose to do it in an accent and it turned out so cute! She amazes me at her confidence. She will do great things one day!

Studying Pictures

I love the late night pictures I get while I'm off studying. Shane is the best Dad and has been so amazing while I've been in school. He sends me off every night with a smile while he does bathing, scriptures and studying for spelling tests. I'm so close to being done and getting my family back to normal!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Naked Pooper

This boy will make me get him completely naked to poop. Every single time!

Froggie Plate

Rowdy got this plate from Grandma Trader for his birthday in July, and now will only eat on "Froggie plate". 

Friday, February 5, 2016

Tad Big

Rowdy is obsessed with Braily's skates. He is always pushing them around and wanting them on. 

50's Day

It was 50's day at school today. I think we did decent given I found out about it last night!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Boys Weekend

Boys are headed off on their annual Duck hunting trip at Trader cabin. They will be meeting Grandpa Brink and Trader, and my Uncle Doug and Ralph. Rowdy is in heaven with his two favorite people in the world. Braily and I will be hanging at home together doing our own thing!

Fun With Friends

Extra early release today and these girls started a friendly game of "bigger or better". They split in teams and set out in the neighborhood asking neighbors if they had anything bigger or better than what they currently had. They came home with quite a few good ones! 

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Nighty Night!

Taking a bath at 9:30 at night and get this text from the room over! Rowdy is a late nighter and impossible to get to bed before 10.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Girls Weekend Too!

Headed out with Grandma this morning for a bike ride, went to Butcher Jones with Jayrod and rode the razor, and ended it with a movie and cuddle time!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Pure Joy!

Seeing your brother after a week is one special reunion! Rowdy is really starting to miss the kids when they leave but the joy he has when they get home is indescribable.